Dec 06, 2018

Indianapolis Convention Center, IN

PRI hosts three of the biggest business days in motorsport, with over 1,100 companies arriving from 70+ countries and all 50 states, displaying the latest advances in racing products and race engineering. The trade show includes the latest engine parts, suspension components, data acquisition, safety gear, new metal alloys and coatings, machining equipment and race electronics.

HOSTED Thursday-Saturday, 6-8 December 2018

Amanda's Rally Car will be hosted by Link ECU, Booth 3226

Jan 25, 2019

Atlanta, MI

Sno*Drift National Rally

American Rally Association's National Championships opening round. 

Mar 02, 2019

Cheraw, SC

South Carolina welcomes you for the 2019 running of the Sandblast Rally. The roads are prepared to challenge your skill and vehicle to see who can arrive back in Cheraw in the best condition with the fastest time. I want to extend a special welcome to the new competitors with fast motorcycles and cars that will be joining us this year. I am looking forward to seeing all of you on these challenging and fun roads.

Sandblast Rally is a car and motorcycle race run primarily in the Sandhills State Forest and H. Cooper Black Recreation facility in Chesterfield Country, SC. All of the racing is against the clock to see which vehicle can complete the course in the lowest cumulative time.

Mar 15, 2019

Salem, Steelville, and Potosi, MO

Founded in 1977, the 100 Acre Wood Rally has been a driver favorite since its inception. Sweeping turns and fast straights make this one of the fastest rallies on the calendar. Commitment and confidence are key. One of the most important places to commit? The rally's famous cattle guard jump that sees cars fly over 100 ft. 

2019 marks the twenty-fifth running of this historic event, and its first as a part of the American Rally Association Championship Series. 

Jul 19, 2019

Newry ME, Errol NH, Sunday River Resort

Since 1994 the forest roads of Maine and New Hampshire have come alive with rally cars in the summer. The New England Forest Rally and it's predecessor, the Maine Forest Rally, see competitors weave through forests and around secluded lakes along the border of Maine and New Hampshire. The stages at NEFR vary in character, some are straight and fast, while others are tight and twisting. Though one thing is constant to all of them, hills and jumps. NEFR has cars see more total airtime than anywhere else on the calendar. Jumps over crests, jumps under braking, jumps leading directly into sharp corners. NEFR challenges teams to controlled flight. 

The competition starts in Maine with the picturesque Concord Pond stage, the most famous stage road of the rally. This fast, twisting, road features several jumps over crests, sending teams sideways in the air while challenging them navigate corners. The stage also features the fan favorite Concorde Pond Jump, a high speed left-hand curve that sends cars flying past excited spectators.

Aug 23, 2019

Detroit Lakes, Itasca, and Park Rapids, MN

Muscatell Ojibwe Forests Rally is one of the longest stage rally events in the US. The rally, situated in the 10,000 Lakes region of Minnesota, is a competitor favorite for its smooth, quick, and free flowing stage roads. Ojibwe is a fast rally, with competitors spending much of their time in fifth or sixth gear. When the high speeds break the rally route gets complicated. Several times during the event, the racing surface transitions onto ATV access roads barely wider than a car. These roads also feature a departure from the smooth racing surface, forcing competitors over large rocks and through deep ruts. 
Day 1 of the event features the Red Bull jump, one of Ojibwe's signature locations. The jump is a fan favorite, over the crossroads separating a straight section of stage road from a twisting one. Bravery and skill are needed here. Day 2 sees the rally finish in the heart of downtown Detroit Lakes on the fan-favorite street stage along the town's namesake lake. 

Sep 13, 2019

Wellsboro PA, Germania PA, Tioga County Fairgrounds

42 years running, the Waste Management Susquehannok Trail Performance Rally has seen stage rally teams compete on some of the most challenging stage roads in North America. Known for its tight, technical, and narrow stage roads, STPR allows for no margin of error. Trees push up against the twisting roads, creating tunnels through the Pennsylvania Forests where even a small drift wide can lead to disaster. The dense canopy creates sunbeams and flickering sun to a speeding car, a source of distraction that drives must overcome. STPR truly is a driver's challenge. 

The rally starts with the spectator friendly Waste Management stage. This stage road is purpose-built for rally on Waste Management facility grounds just outside the rally's base in Wellsboro. The stage features one of the biggest jumps on the ARA calendar, where cars fly over 125ft in front of the crowd. From there, STPR heads into the deep woods, where competitors face the environment in addition to each other. Day 2 features one of the longest stage roads in the US, the 24 mile Mine Hole Stage.

Both days of the event end with head to head Super Special Stages at the Tioga County Fairgrounds. These stages put the rally action in front of the crowd and have two competitors run a stage side-by-side in a race to cross the finish line first.

Oct 18, 2019

Houghton, MI

What's this item aLake Superior Performance Rally (LSPR), scheduled for October 18 – 19, 2019, will serve in its traditional role as the final event of the National Championship Series next season. Based in Houghton, Michigan, LSPR is a world-renowned event and a favorite for many. Fall foliage provides a colorful backdrop to the rally’s gravel stages and the street stage through downtown Houghton lets fans get close to the action. The weather provides an interesting variable too; sunshine, rain, and snow are all possibilities at this dynamic event.bout? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

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